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Take the largest specialized carrier, add more than 60 years of leadership in the relocation industry and you have the organization that is best qualified to move your corporate facility - Valley Transportation Group.

Our full-service capabilities ensure office and industrial moves are well coordinated. By choosing the largest agent family in the relocation industry, you are making a decision to work with experienced personnel at both ends of the move, wherever you're going - whether it's across town or across the continent.


Planning is crucial to minimizing the cost of an office or industrial move and it takes experience to develop an effective plan. Your Valley Transportation Group representative is your relocation resource - helping you orchestrate your entire move from plan development to implementation and everything in between, including:
  • Department-by-department surveys, budgets and inventories

  • Floor planning and building preparation

  • Timing and work area schedules

  • Staff and equipment needs

  • Packing and labeling classes for employees

The result? Employees and manufacturing are productive within a shorter period of time.


As important as the people who develop your relocation plan are the people who execute it. Valley Transportation Group crews are:

  • Uniformed for security

  • Specially trained

  • Experienced in every aspect of office or industrial relocation


Your Valley Transportation Group crew is equipped with all the necessary tools, including:

  • Dollies

  • File carts

  • Pads

  • Roll-a-lifts

  • Labeling systems

You can rest assured, your crew will arrive in the truck specifically designed to meet your relocation needs. We utilize:

  • Air ride vans

  • Crane vans

  • Flatbed trailers

  • Straight trucks

  • Climatic vans

  • Liftgate vans

Only North American's fleet is fully equipped with satellite communication so you'll know where your company assets are in transit.


As your relocation resource, your Valley Transportation Group representative can coordinate all other vendor services, working with you and your relocation committee to plan, organize and implement:

  • Telecommunications and utilities

  • Security

  • Material handling and storage

  • Employee participation and communication

  • Signage

  • Interior facility protection

  • Equipment maintenance and servicing

  • Bid specifications

  • Building maintenance

  • Insurance coverage

  • Space planning

  • Inspections

  • Performance verification

  • Furniture acquisition

Choosing Valley Transportation Group's team concept and 24-hour service capabilities means that moving out of your old location on Friday afternoon and opening for business at your new site on Monday morning is not only a possibility, it's a reality.


180 days before move:

  1. Plan business form changes
  2. Discuss telecommunications needs
  3. Identify office equipment to be upgraded or replaced
  4. Coordinate all colors of carpet, paint and fabric of new site
  5. Evaluate current filing system and assess future needs

120 days before move:

  1. Get furniture company proposals, check references
  2. Choose an insurance agent to examine lease for proper coverage
  3. Assess copier volume, review service contracts, solicit bids and arrange for pre/post move servicing of present equipment
  4. Contact computer and fax suppliers for interviews
  5. Contact office supply vendors for proposals
  6. Survey existing records, make new building size measurements, prepare floor plan layout and develop storage proposal
  7. Prepare space-plan drawings for new office layout
  8. Contact your Valley Transportation Group representative for a pre-move survey

90 days before move:

  1. Choose furniture company
  2. Finalize records storage needs and place order
  3. Assess security needs
  4. List and value equipment, supplies and inventory

60 days before move:

  1. Have phone numbers guaranteed by local phone company
  2. Place copier order and get service agreements
  3. Choose computer vendor and schedule installation
  4. Order dedicated fax phone lines
  5. Store inactive files and destroy duplicates
  6. Hold management meeting with Valley Transportation Group representative, assigning internal move coordinators to work with Valley Transportation Group supervisors on the day of the move

30 days before move:

  1. Have furniture and carpet dealers on site throughout delivery
  2. Arrange office supply delivery to new location
  3. Secure necessary parking permits for movers
  4. Select security company and have that vendor contact building owner/builder and moving company

Week of move:

  1. Install new filing equipment and pack, move and unpack active files and load into new system
  2. Distribute written moving instructions to all employees
  3. Label all furniture and boxes with routing tags furnished by mover
  4. Inform employees of new security

Of course, Valley Transportation Group Corporate Office & Industrial Relocation Professionals will assist you all the way.

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