Your Guide to a Worry-Free Move

Moving to a foreign country is one of life's most exciting decisions. It opens up a whole new world of cultures and opportunities for you and your family.

During this time of great change, it's comforting to surround yourself with familiar names and faces from home - like North American International and our worldwide family of agents. Whether you're moving an entire household or a few belongings, our people and technologies ensure that your valuables arrive on time and in the same condition as you left them.

 Making Your Move Worry-Free

Protecting Your Belongings

When it comes to protecting your shipment, North American International’s level of professionalism is unmatched. The first step in protecting your shipment for the trip is proper packing.

Protecting Your Belongings

When it comes to protecting your shipment, North American International’s level of professionalism is unmatched. The first step in protecting your shipment for the trip is proper packing.
  • All packing materials and cartons will be new.
  • All china, glass and crystal will be individually wrapped prior to packing.
  • Cartons will be taped across top, bottom and all sides.
  • All rugs and carpet will be rolled and wrapped.
  • Customer’s name, room and contents will be marked on each carton.

Packing Standards

North American International has strict packing standards - right down to the materials used. International shipping requires meticulous attention to detail, and we settle for nothing less. All items that are not suitable for packing will be padded for transport with four- to six-ply paper and sofa pads that have water-resistant outer layers and non-abrasive interior layers. Additionally, special items such as pieces of art are padded and then crated in custom built crates. Proper padding requires the following steps:

  • All furniture will be dismantled, if appropriate.
  • All hardware (nuts and bolts) will be placed in plastic bags before being put in the master hardware box.
  • Corner pads will be used to provide additional protection.
  • All paper pad seams will be sealed using export vinyl tape.
  • Skeleton or full crates will be used on awkward or fragile pieces.

Specialized Loading Techniques

We use safe containers that are designed especially for international shipping. Rest assured that your boxes and possessions will be carefully loaded for the trip. Depending on your destination, shipment size and handling requirements, we offer several types of containers and shipping methods - all designed to maximize safety and minimize costs:

  • Air shipments are loaded into waterproof, wooden or corrugated containers. These are used for time sensitive shipments.
  • Small ocean shipments are loaded into waterproof, wooden liftvan containers.
  • Large ocean shipments are loaded into steel steamship containers, either directly or via liftvans.

Our Promise To You

North American International will be with you every step of the way. From pre-move counseling, through packing, shipping and delivery, we will walk you through the process to ensure that your new home is as comfortable as the last one. We can also provide information on:

  • Language and intercultural training.
  • Banking, driver's licenses, credit cards, etc.
  • Insurance coverage and medical services.
  • Auto leasing, financing and purchase.
  • Home search, school search and other destination services.

Sometimes, it's just not cost effective to take everything when you move overseas. With locations worldwide, North American International can provide safe, secure, containerized storage for your valued possessions … whether you're away for a short time or an extended period.


North American International knows how important it is that you trust your mover with  your valuable possessions. All precautions are taken to ensure that your possessions arrive in your new home in the same condition as when they left. Of course, the unexpected can happen.

That is why North American lnternational offers comprehensive insurance coverage for your valuable possessions. With this protection, if an item is lost or damaged beyond repair; you'll receive reimbursement for the full replacement cost without consideration for depreciation, up to the declared value you placed on the item.

Regardless of the size of your shipment, it's important that you declare adequate coverage and that you insure all items. Remember all the items should be valued at the cost to replace the items in your new destination country. To help you estimate the appropriate level of coverage, you will need to fill out a valued inventory form. To receive a form, contact your North American lnternational representative or submit the form online at

In the unlikely event of damage, we want you to get back on your feet as quickly as you do. Our in-house claims department will settle your claim quickly and easily. To facilitate the process, we have provided an online claim form at where you can submit claims directly over the Internet and avoid unnecessary paperwork.

Customs Clearance

Bring this. Don't bring that. Customs clearance can be confusing. That’s why we make it our job to provide you with the most up-to-date regulations – at NorthAmerican International Customs.

For nearly 175 destinations worldwide, you’ll find Customs requirements concerning restricted/dutiable items, prohibited items, motor vehicles and pets – to help you avoid delays, fines or even seizure of your property.

Although regulations vary widely by country, here are a few rules of thumb:

Don't bring any of the following:

  • firearms
  • alcohol
  • narcotics
  • agricultural items (including houseplants and seeds)
  • pornographic materials
  • politically sensitive materials.

When paying duties or taxes, be sure to obtain an official receipt. Some charges may be refundable when you leave the country.

When in doubt, talk to your North American International representative or access Customs Information at

4 Tips for a Safe, Affordable Move

1) Leave the Packing to the Pros

When North American packs for you, your house is completely livable until the day before you move. And, our special cartons provide better loading and improved density, which saves space and money.

Our staff is specially trained on the safest ways to wrap, pack and carton even your most fragile possessions - minimizing the likelihood of damage. We use only new packing materials and cartons, which are clearly labeled for smoother Customs clearance and  easier unpacking.

Before you're tempted to pack yourself remember that we cannot be responsible for any damage resulting from your packing. For just pennies a pound, you can put your valuables into the hands of professionals.

2) Protect Your Larger Belongings

North American automatically export-wraps items that can't be packed, such as furniture, bulky pieces and large appliances. Such items are dismantled (if necessary) and carefully protected with export wrapping, corner pads and export vinyl tape. Pieces that require extra protection are double wrapped and crated.

3) Don't Move Large, Odd-Shaped Items

The cost of your shipment is determined by its density - the combination of weight and cubic volume. Because large, odd-shaped objects decrease space efficiency and increase cubic volume, don’t move items such as rattan/wicker furniture, large quantities of disposable diapers or large plastic outdoor toys.

In addition, use lay-down wardrobe boxes instead of stand-up boxes to minimize cubic volume and reduce costs.

4) Calculate the Most Efficient Delivery Method

North American International combines skilled staff with advanced technologies to bring you the most cost-effective delivery. We calculate the most affordable way to route your shipment, based on:

  • Where you're moving.
  • How your shipment is transported (air, sea, etc.).
  • When you'll need your belongings.
  • Make the Right Choice.

Offering world-class resources for worldwide moves, North American International is your first choice for professional, stress-free service. If you ever have questions or need more information, visit

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