Ever wish there was a logistics company as experienced as you are?  One that is ISO 9002 certified and has the technology, assets and record of success in the specialized world of high-value and sensitive commodities?

There is such a company.

North American Logistics has been the leader in specialized distribution services and logistics solutions for more than 35 years.  That’s nearly four decades of experience to meet the unique service requirements of:

§          Computers

§          Telecommunications equipment

§          Robotics

§          Medical equipment 

§          Office equipment

§          Office and store fixtures

§          Industrial equipment

§          Fine art

§          Trade shows

§          Commercial relocations

§          Exercise equipment

At North American Logistics, we use technology to move technology.  From our exclusive WORLDTRAC® satellite tracking system that gives you real-time visibility via the Internet, to a fully integrated, computerized asset management program, we provide detailed information so you know where your products are every step of the way.  Further, we can bring you success through customized programs to enhance global inventory management, multi-modal transportation management, service parts management and reverse logistics. 

Whether next door or around the world, North American Logistics offers an ISO 9002 certified process, a team of dedicated professionals and a wide range of specialized equipment.  Our strategies will not only reduce your cycle time, but transform your supply chain into a competitive advantage.

Logistics Solutions … A Network of Services

Just as the world is ever changing, so if your market, your company and your transportation and distribution needs.  Acting quickly to meet changing conditions means choosing an experienced and proven provider with a wide array of specialized distribution services and logistics solutions – tools that are interconnected, with the expertise to configure those tools to meet your needs.  It’s the value you receive with North American Logistics.

The On-Trac Network™              

Less than truckload (LTL) shipments are coordinated through the On-Trac Network™.  This integrated network allows us to efficiently manage scheduled departures from our logistics centers and track your product throughout the distribution cycle.  North American Logistics’ strategically located logistics centers offer: 

Less than truckload (LTL) shipments are coordinated through the On-Trac Network™.  This integrated network allows us to efficiently manage scheduled departures from our logistics centers and track your product throughout the distribution cycle.  North American Logistics’ strategically located logistics centers offer: 

§          More than 700 service points dedicated to high-value and sensitive commodities

§          24-hour, seven-days-a-week operations

§          Scheduled pick-ups and deliveries

§          Reduced cycle time, increasing value to you and your customers

North American Logistics is specialized in every sense of the word.  Our customized equipment and dedicated fleets are specific to hard-to-handle, valuable or highly sensitive products.  We also manage larger LTL shipments on a direct delivery basis; we have truckload fleet capabilities and offer expedited services.  Our On-Trac Network™ and specialty fleets are organized for worry-free pick-up and delivery.  Throughout, you are provided with a wide range of distribution services and logistics solutions to ensure your shipment goes to the right place at the right time.

The Technology                                

Our operating system coordinates all aspects of our communication network.  Those components include:

§          Asset management

§          Product tracking

§          WORLDTRAC® satellite tracking system

§          Internet tracking


All of the information we gather is readily available to give you real-time visibility.  Your inventory management is accurate, as is the status of your shipment.

Specialized Fleets

The unique handling and transportation needs of high-value and sensitive commodities require specialized equipment, as well as trained driver teams and support staffs.  Put these together and you get the security and attention that your valuable products must have. 

Crane Fleet                               

North American Logistics has the largest fleet of crane vans in the industry.  Crane vans are designed for the pick-up and delivery of equipment weighing up to 8,000 pounds.  Drivers are trained to use the crane to lift, move and deliver delicate, heavy or odd-sized equipment without needing a loading dock. 

Exhibit & Display Fleet 

One of our largest specialized fleets features drivers and equipment to provide cost-effective transportation and delivery of trade show exhibits and displays.  Drivers are highly skilled and experienced in working all of North America’s major exhibit halls.  They are supported by our on-site corporate show coordinators. From pre-show planning to post-show follow-up, North American Logistics offers well-orchestrated, timely service.

Flatbed Fleet

We offer several options in our air-ride flatbed fleet - including flat-floor or single drop trailers, as well as retractable tarp flatbed trailers, which provide touchless protection from the elements.

Climatic Fleet                                 

A climate-controlled environment is essential for highly sensitive shipments such as priceless artwork or computers.  Our climatic fleet includes super high cube vans for oversized shipments.  In addition, we have climatic liftgate vans for street side or curbside delivery.  On-board data recorders allow drivers to monitor inside temperatures to meet your product’s specifications.

Experienced Fine Art Specialists

North American Logistics regularly manages the movement of valuable art and traveling exhibitions.  Some examples include King Tut, Ramses II, Thundering Hooves, Vatican Treasures and the Star Trek Exhibit.

Specialized Padded Van Fleet

For larger shipments of a sensitive nature, we have a direct delivery fleet.  This ensures your shipment travels directly from origin to destination on a single truck.  When needed, direct deliveries receive exclusive use of the trailer for even greater security.

Specialized Transportation

Management of your shipment begins long before it enters one of our air-ride trailers.  From dollies to vans, we can draw upon a wide range of carefully maintained equipment that’s designed to load, lift, strap, store and meet the special handling and delivery challenges of any commodity.  And, to ensure all North American Logistics drivers understand your product, we can even custom-design training materials to provide you with safe handling and transportation.

Van Equipment

To assist in the loading, securing and delivery of shipments, our vans include the following: walkboards, dollies, roll-a-lifts, pads, straps, decking, logistics bars, J-bars and pallet jacks.  If we don't have the piece of equipment that helps to move your product effectively, we'll work with you to develop it.

Straight trucks play an important role in our On-Trac Network™ by providing local pick-up and delivery services.  Straight trucks are equipped with liftgates, which allow for efficient street side or curbside delivery.

Working in teams or on their own, North American Logistics drivers have a range of equipment to handle the pick-up and delivery of high-value and sensitive commodities.

Brokerage Services

At North American Logistics, certified transportation brokers manage your multi-modal needs.  Certification allows us to perform to higher standards.  After all, North American is one of the few transportation companies in the industry that require this type of specialized training for its operations staff.

We use only the most reputable third-party carriers based on their service, safety and claims records.  Whether your shipment is moving by specialized van, air, ocean or rail, you need only make one phone call, receive one invoice and work with one company – North American Logistics.

Project Management

Project management demands professionalism, as well as specialized expertise in dealing with all the suppliers, transportation services, warehouses and tradesmen.  North American Logistics distribution systems can make the right logistics decisions, so you can concentrate on the thousands of details needed to design and open your site.

North American Logistics – Customized Solutions For You

International Service

Wherever in the world your high-value or sensitive products are going to or coming from, and whether you have a single shipment of fine art, a trade show tour, or a global logistics need, North American Logistics is your single source.

Locally, nationally or internationally, we develop breakthrough solutions and we can customize a vast menu of services to fit your specific needs.

Superior Solutions – Unmatched Execution for Your Logistics Needs

There is a logistics company as experienced in your industry as you are.  A company with the assets, technology and record of success in the very specialized world of high-value and sensitive commodities – one that offers total global logistics solutions supported by the best in specialized transportation.

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