NAVL's On-Trac Network™ Earns ISO 9002 Certificate

High Value Products Division

FORT WAYNE -- With corporate headquarters and 14 of its distribution centers having earned the ISO 9002 certificate, the nation's largest specialized transportation network is well on its way to earning the quality designation system-wide.

The On-Trac Network™ is the transportation, distribution and logistics system of North American's High Value Products Division (HVP). Through it, HVP-North America transports, warehouses, distributes and provides value-added assembly and/or installations/deinstallations of high-technology and high-value items.

"The ISO bar is higher for us because our clients expect more from us than they would a common carrier," says Greg Maiers, vice president and general manager, HVP-North America. "So much of the customer product that we handle is delicate, with unique requirements, and involving a variety of transportation professionals. ISO 9002 is confirmation that we have an effective documentation and communication process in place to make sure all parties understand the client's expectation."

It is the ISO component for continuous improvement that Maiers sees as most valuable. Not only does a corrective and preventive action process have to be an active part of the system, a third-party auditor reappears every six months to check up on the operation of the system, its adherence to the ISO requirements and the company's documented procedures.

"Our goal in all of this is to continue to find ways to satisfy customers at higher levels," adds Pat Haar, director of Process Management for the High Value Products Division. "ISO will reinforce the need for consistent, reliable, high-quality service no matter where the customer's product enters or exits our system, and no matter what requirements customers may place upon us."

ISO 9002 contains 19 elements that a service company must implement. They include defined management responsibility for the quality system, using only approved and up-to-date documents and data, ensuring capability to meet customer requirements before engaging in a business relationship, a focus on continuous improvement to the implemented quality system, management of vendors who affect quality, and documenting and disseminating procedures for the handling, storage, packaging, preservation, location and delivery of customer product.

In addition to Fort Wayne, Indiana, headquarters, newly certified are distribution center operations in the following markets:

Atlanta, Georgia Los Angeles, California
Boston, Massachusetts New York, New York
Columbus, Ohio Phoenix, Arizona
Dallas, Texas Salt Lake City, Utah
Denver, Colorado San Jose, California
Houston, Texas Seattle, Washington
Jessup, Maryland Toronto, Ontario

ISO 9002 accreditation is a total-division effort. The High Value Products Division's Blanket Wrap Services unit in the United States, and midiData in Germany have also received ISO 9002 certificates.



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