The New Direction In Employee Relocation Worldwide!

The dynamics of business today have laid a variety of new, time-consuming responsibilities in your lap.

North American Relocation Services understands the growing demand for a comprehensive service partner who can be trusted to handle all your relocation needs, from a few employee moves a year to complex group relocations.

Considering those demands, North American works directly with your employees, follows all your companyís procedures and keeps your phone from ringing with employee complaints!

That’s the North American 100% Solution. On-time pickup and delivery, with our personalized Home-to-Home Handling™ of all the details. Our people, our technology, helping your relocating employees – while you aren’t even thinking about it!

Six steps to a better relocation experience for your employee families.

1.Advanced Pre-Move Counseling.

Your single-source, North American Agent Service Counselor will contact each of your relocating employees and their families, explaining in an understanding, professional way the entire moving process. Whether they’re relocating to the next state or around the world, your Agent Service Counselor is trained to help.

Only North American is famous for comprehensive pre-move handling of your employee families. During the first few calls our Agent Service Counselor will:

  • Explain or reinforce your company’s moving policies
  • Counsel your employee family on preparing for the move
  • Arrange the in-home survey
  • Schedule packing, loading, delivery and unpacking dates
  • Answer questions and promptly respond to any calls

2.Providing Cost Containment.

Working with your relocation policy and relocating family, we can provide you significant savings.

Through this unique part of our Home-to-Home Handling system we can:

  • Decrease transit days to save on lodging, car rental, meals and other in-transit expenses
  • Decrease your employee’s days off from work to save your company employee down time
  • Ship one car ahead to save on car rental at destination
  • Lighten the load Ė working within your relocation policy, our Agent Service Counselor will help make sure only items authorized by you will be moved.
  • In addition, if you desire, we will administer your companyís relocation benefit packages for various employee levels. Itís all in an effort to keep your relocation budget on track.

3.Managing the Move.

During the move, our Agent Service Counselor will be in touch with your employee family:

  • Prior to the move, confirming services and dates
  • On packing day, ensuring timely and efficient service
  • On loading day, to confirm delivery information and to reconfirm the move is going smoothly
    In transit to answer questions
  • On delivery day, to ensure employee satisfaction and answer questions
  • On unpacking day, ensuring your family’s satisfaction and arranging to have packing materials removed, if desired

4.Settling in, So Your Employee is Productive, as Quickly as Possible.

Our Agent Service Counselor will call your employee family again, after the move, to help them settle in, and follow up on any unanswered questions they may have and identify any additional needs.

It’s another part of our Home-to-Home Handling system – to keep your relocating employees happy and productive.

5.Centralized Invoicing.

As a part of the 100% Solution, North American’s centralized invoicing provides you control and process consistency with the most advanced invoicing procedures and technology in the relocation industry.

You’ll receive an invoice for the entire moving process, origin to destination.

Our invoicing staff, with an average of 12 years of service, are compensated on accuracy and speed to ensure you’ll receive an accurate, complete invoice in a timely manner.

6.Quality Measurement and Analysis.

North American’s Home-to-Home Handling ensures you the 100% Solution by providing quality measurement and analysis on your employee moves. How? We employ Transportation Research, Inc., an independent research firm, to survey your employees’ satisfaction.

Those studies are then audited and validated by Coopers and Lybrand, one of the world’s leading accounting firms. Finally, we can provide you with a Client Activity Report, which details cost, service and quality information.

What is the 100% Solution?

The 100% Solution is North Americanís Home-to-Home Handling system providing unparalleled service and quality every step of the way. Itís done through the careful handling of all the details, direct communication with your relocating employees and providing on-time service. Itís the 100% Solution. And it keeps your phone from ringing with complaints or concerns.

With the most advanced systems and skilled professionals supporting the largest agent network in the world, North American is the undisputed industry leader in relocation technology and training.


North American’s exclusive satellite tracking and communication link allows us to manage and monitor employee relocations even while in transit.

Home Touch!™
The first and only tool of its kind – pen driven, portable PC that cuts estimating time and dramatically improves accuracy and communication.

Relocation Service Automated Scheduling that provides advanced computerized load planning and ensures on-time pickup and delivery.

Our on-line customer service system that allows real-time response to shipment status inquiries.

The industry’s first on-line cargo claims system provides efficient claim processing should damage occur.

Quality Process and Measurement

Organized for Quality
Each of North American's nine Quality Service Teams and two specialty teams, Cargo Claims and Shipment Planning, work together with your Agent Service Counselor to coordinate relocations from beginning to end.

Service Excellence Award Process
Measures and monitors agents'
performance in the areas of Customer Satisfaction, Safety and Operations Performance, including Claims.

Van Operator Vanguard Process
Measures and monitors van operators' performance in the areas of Customer Satisfaction, Safety, On-Time Service and Claims.

ISO 9002
North American Van Lines was the first national van line to be awarded an ISO 9002 certificate for quality processes and services.


North American is regularly honored with Quality Service Awards from client companies and industry organizations - but the most important honor is when you award us your relocation business.


North American's patented container system that provides seasonal capacity flexibility.

Capacity Resource Team
In response to an industry phenomenon of driver and seasonal capacity shortages, we have additional capacity to serve high-demand markets. Stringent quality control using air ride trailers is in place providing you on-time service.

City-to-City™ Reference Guide
The industry's most up-to-date destination information, on a PC printout to help employees adjust and be productive quickly.


Training for the staffs of over 800 agents in North America includes courses in service counseling, warehouse and storage management, safety, systems and general management. Training is delivered at agent facilities and 13 training sites across the continent.

Undergo instruction on the art of safe packing using the most comprehensive training curriculum in the moving industry. Training is conducted at 13 regional sites and at agent locations across North America.

Van Operators
Formally trained in expert moving and safety practices utilizing the world's most advanced driving simulator, a 14-acre Safe Track and unique indoor training facilities.

Van Line Employees
Receive training in process improvement, system technologies, interpersonal relationships, team building, communication and more. All are focused on doing the job right for you and your employees.


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